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(saturated isn't the word I want, but it's fled my brain at the moment)

The tea I mentioned in my previous post - I'm thinking of steeping it at home and bringing it with, to cut out a step or three. On the theory of 1 teabag makes an 8oz cup of tea (which theory may be wrong, but it's what I have), I'm assuming I should make it more intense, frex 2 teabags for 8oz hot water.

Any suggestions as to how many I should use? My usual method of making sorbet is to make X quantity of liquid (which varies, but I try to keep it around a pint for ease of mixing) and 1 pint (half pint? generic bottle of water size) unflavored fizzy water. So I know that I want to make it at least twice as strong. (Strong!) but I don't know how much more to have it work with the way freezing diminishes taste.
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It has been suggested that I make a test batch of the ice cream I'd like to make at home, and bring a "well-tested" recipe to Baitcon. Of course I don't have a tank of LN2 at home. Nor an ice-cream maker. Of concern with this recipe is not the flavor, but its texture after freezing-- Scott tried something similar long ago and reports too many ice crystals. Just sticking it in the freezer is not going to accurately test how the texture would turn out with LN2, right? (This is the point of using LN2?) How do you test ice cream recipes at home?
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Found on imgur this evening. Thought I'd share.
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Edited: There is currently 1 cabin available in the A-or-B row-cabins.
Email or comment here tonight if you want it.
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a) Request for Help: Neither of our kids is interested in attending Baitcon this year, and so I'd like to possibly line up some help for unpacking the car and setting up the tent. Angus has cancer, partially in his spine, and is limited to 15lbs. (and being in a car no more than an hour at a time, oy.) Much of our camping gear is in units that weigh more than this, so while we have help packing it, we'll need help unpacking and setting up. This will definitely include helping set up the tent, and at least place my folding bed into it, and I'm not sure what else. I can only help in very minor ways, and if Angus does much more than stand and point I will Take Action (tm). We don't have a set time to be there yet (see above about limiting driving time) but our intention is to be there before dark, to make the setting up easier.

We have not heard back from concom about our request to camp up by the kitchen as we did last time, nor about whether the small cabins across the main field from the pavilion is a possibility for us. So this is somewhat nebulous, and my apologies for that.

b) Flavor Question: I've found a flavor of tisane/infusion from Taylors of Harrogate - here's the Amazon link:
The company link didn't have a link to the item, and Amazon's as good as any for a link that shows the box and gives the ingredients without clicking three things.

I've been drinking it, hot and cold, with honey. I'm thinking of bringing it along to make as a sorbet, and I'd like the honey flavor rather than plain sugar, but I don't know how to use honey in making sorbet - does it work instead of sugar, will it freeze properly, etc. Advice, pointers, would be very welcome.
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Baitcon 27 starts next Friday!

Registration will close at 6p.m. on Wednesday, June 21st .
There's no un-pre-registered attendance allowed, but we'd really like to see you, so please contact us before then if there's a chance you're coming but aren't registering for some reason or another.

Please be sure that you & anyone attending with you has shared any relevant dietary or medical allergy info with us by tomorrow.

Whether you are new to Baitcon or a seasoned attendee, please be sure you review the information on the following pages via the website ( ) before you arrive. We'd like you to go look around and read more than just these, if possible, but at LEAST these. :)
-> What to Bring
-> Mosquitos, Ticks and (no) Bears, Oh My!
-> Take Tick Prevention Seriously
-> The Rules

You are welcome to arrive any time after 2p. on Friday.
Check out the Arrivals & Parking Information as well as Directions to Baitcon on the website.

The Abode has again requested a signed waiver of liability from all attendees. We will have these at the Welcome tent and you’ll be asked to read & sign one when you arrive.

We’ll also ask you to sign the Baitcon Book (in fact, I'll hector you mercilessly about it) – but that is just because we want to have an accurate headcount, and to read your awesome & witty comments, and I really like having all the past books as a souvenir.

Do you need a ride to or from Baitcon? Can you provide one? Sadly the ride-board's pretty much toast, so please post on DW, FB, Suspects, or similar, seeking or offering.

Want to figure out what is likely to be served for meals & snacks? We have a Menu posted on the website and it will be posted on site as well.

If you’ve shared allergy info with us, please know that we will be sure there are food choices that work for you at each meal.

Planning to make some ice cream? We sure hope so!
We would especially like to encourage you to look at some Prince-themed flavors. There's at least one Raspberry Sorbet being planned now, but Kimberly's certain you can come up with more purple fabulousness.

You can visit the Pre-Con Ice Cream Advice page if you need some pointers or the Flavor List from previous years if you want/need inspiration. (The flavor list is actually in need of major maintenance but there's still a lot of useful suggestions there.)

Are you wondering what sort of fun can be had at Baitcon? Well, as we’ve long said, Baitcon is what YOU make it. The site is wonderful and there will be more than 110 awesome folks of all ages around to help make all kinds of Merriment.

Last but not least, we could use a more volunteers for meal prep, meal service, as well as having a need for pot scrubbers. If you’re interested and available, please contact us via email before Wednesday or talk to Tamar on site.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email to info dash 2017 at baitcon dot org ASAP. We’ll be reading & replying to email through Wednesday the 21st but after that we can’t guarantee a response as we’ll be rolling towards the mountain.

See you soon!
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Is there anyone going to baitcon who could give me a super beginner bodhran lesson? I'm having a lot of trouble with the upstroke and would like to know if I'm doing anything wrong.
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It's an annual ritual, I know, but one I could live without.

We're 5 weeks from Baitcon and we haven't come near making our minimium
numbers as yet. If you're planning on coming, PLEASE rsvp asap?

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(All The Stations is, in itself, a wonderfully nerdy project. I'm looking forward to the rest of it. :)
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The invitation is now live and registration is now open for our 2nd take at Baitcon XXVII, D.M.I.C.

We're back at The Abode again, and as promised last year the dates are 23-26 June.

Details, the invitation, and the reg link, as ever, are at

We hope you can make it! If you have any questions, please ask away, here, or in mail to bcc.

JB and all of BCC
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I've imported this community here from LJ.

Sadly I don't seem to be able to set the LJ community to No Posts, and would prefer to leave it there with the pointer here... maybe eventually with a Clown Putin post at the top.
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This sounds like a typical romantic evening at Baitcon.

(from the "Bliss" comic strip)

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Thank you to everyone who has reached out to offer condolences and support to JB. We have returned from Pawling and he has decided to make a few adjustments as we continue to sit shiva for his mother, Judy. JB asked me to share this:

"My family & I will be continuing to sit shiva at our home and will be accepting visits and condolence calls at these times:

Friday, November 25th 3p.-8p.
Saturday, November 26th 3p.-8p.
Sunday, November 27th 5p.-9p.

For your own comfort, please note that there are 2 (very skittish) cats and 1 very boisterous child in residence and ours is a non-smoking home. If you need address/direction info, please contact Kimberly or Sam."
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In Loving Memory of Judith Zanger Segal (1935-2016)
Please join us for a funeral service on
Monday, November 21st, 2016 at 1p.m.
Horn & Thomes Funeral Home
83 East Main Street
Pawling, NY 12564
Richard "JB" Segal will be sitting shiva for his mother at the family home
at 15 Sheridan Drive, Pawling, NY on Sunday, November 20th from 12p.-8p
and Monday, November 21st immediately following the funeral.
JB and his family will return to Somerville and continue to sit shiva at their home and will be accepting  condolence calls at these times:
Friday, November 25th 3p.-8p.
Saturday, November 26th 3p.-8p.
Sunday, November 27th 5p.-9p.
For your own comfort, please note that there are 2 (very skittish) cats and
1 very boisterous child in residence and ours is a non-smoking home.
If you need address/direction info, please contact Kimberly or Sam.
Judy was devoted to animals of all types including pure-breeds and rescues.As well, she was a a proud teacher of Earth Sciences for many decades and a great supporter of environmental charities that sought to protect animals, land, rivers and resources. And thus, in lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to any of these charities she supported:
Animal Rescue Ark
Furry Friends Pet Rescue
Environmental Defense Fund
or any other pet or environmental cause you are particularly fond of.
If you have any questions regarding the funeral, shiva or anything else, JB asks that you please contact Kimberly or Sam via email, LJ or text/phone. Thank you.
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We've confirmed our new dates with the Abode, so hereby announcing that:

Baitcon 27 will be held on June 23rd-26th, 2017

at the Mountain Campground of the Abode of the Message.


Hope to see you there :)

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Dear registered attendees and other friends,

This week, two things happened to dramatically impact our ability to put on Baitcon 27 as planned.

On Monday, one of our exec crew was thrust into a very serious family emergency that will require them to focus all their attention on matters far more important than Baitcon. And just a day later, another of our crew was diagnosed with a serious illness that will also require significant time and focus to treat and control.

In the wake of these developments, Kimberly & corwin & seph & I (the exec committee) talked for hours yesterday, debating the possibilities and needs involved in going forward. We also looked at our contract to determine what would happen, financially and otherwise, if we had to postpone or cancel our event. We found a clause that would allow the Abode to grant us a postponement that would not involve any substantial penalties provided we rescheduled the event within a year.

We talked even more and ultimately, despite it being just 3 weeks, we decided to ask the Abode to grant us this exception. They very graciously
agreed and so we have made the very painful decision to postpone Baitcon 27 to June 23nd-26th, 2017.

We are so very sorry for the inconvenience. With just 2 weeks to go, we know that most of you had already arranged vacation time and travel, as well
as planning ice cream flavors that I can now only dream about...

We are very sad about this but we feel it is important to focus on our friends in need and not overly stress the rest of our crew or attendees.

If you were registered for this year, you should receive an email today or tomorrow that will look very similar to this announcement and offers you the choice of receiving a refund of any monies you've paid, having me simply destroy your check, or the option to roll your payment forward to next year's event.

We hope you will join us for a truly kick-ass Baitcon 27 next year,
June 23rd-26th, 2017.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to us.

With heart nearly breaking,
JB, for the exec crew and BCC
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I commented on JB's post for this purpose, but thought a top level post might be more visible.

Would anybody be willing to pick up Squirrelitude, me, and our 16-month-old daughter at the Pittsfield Amtrak Station and take us to the Abode, and drop us off there afterward?

We'd be happy to reciprocate with some combination of gas money on the day of and/or treating you to dinner, cookies, or brownies at a later date.


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