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31 flavors? That's for wimps...

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Baitcon is a PRIVATE camping party held in (or near) the Catskills each summer. A large social tribe attends and enjoys nature, many kinds of homemade ICE CREAM (flavors are any or all of: creative, odd, innovative, different, bizarre, classic, and (usually) GOOD), decent food (available both in meat and veg selections) , music, drumming, stargazing, massage, rockdam-building, frolicking in the mountains, and general silliness.

Please remember that many folks who attend and/or help run Baitcon do NOT use LJ.

This LJ community is here for general discussion and another place for official Baitcon announcements (which will generally only be posted by JB or Kimberly). If you are trying to reach or communicate with the BCC, use email. If you are trying to reach all recent or future attendees, we promise that you can NOT rely solely on this LJ community.

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camping, cooking for 80-170 people, liquid nitrogen ice cream, music, skinny dipping, the berkshires, the catskills, the lack of psychodrama
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